Mens III home v Blaydon IV 18th July 2018

Chris & David      Peter & Tony   Dennis & Jonny

Shotley won by 12 sets to 6 and 85 games to 60

The curtain came down at the end of a fine season for Skip Davids team with a resounding win against local rivals Blaydon. 

The skip made some bold selections as he had to consider being without the services of "sicknote" Vince and he surprised even himself as he confidently named himself and "Kid" Nichol as number one pair. (Would it prove to be the right call - we shall see ) relegating Tony and new partner Peter "Greek God " Toase. ( Peter mate you heard wrong - they actually said on seeing you "Good God") with "Pistol" Jonny paired with Tennis Dennis.

The first round saw Shotley take command as Tony & Peter halved as did Skip & the Kid as they lost a second set tiebreak but pulled ahead as Pistol & Tennis Dennis won  both sets.

As the sun shed its last rays of the day a spectator remarked that a certain pair's footwear were a touch too bright and merely highlighted their shortcomings. He (or was it a she) thought they looked like an aged PJ & Duncan "Getting Ready To Grumble"

Back to the action and the second round where only Pistol & Dennis came up short by losing both sets as Shotley took an 8 - 4 lead and were well in command. The battle for top couple was going to the wire as both the top pairs had 3 sets each but Skip & Kid in front by 5 games.

The last round saw Pistol vent his frustration by finding new ways to clash his raquet down as he and Dennis went down tamely winning only 3 games. Skip and the Kid were now up against Blaydon's top couple while Peter & Tony rattled through 2 sets in double quick time for the loss of only one game. Playing under the lights he himself wired up only 3wks ago the Skip shone but not as brightly as the Kid who rose to the challenge, playing winners from impossible "gets" and chasing anything down to win point after point. The pair won 6-1, 6-3 to make it a comfy 12-6 victory. But who was top couple - now for the maths and supper.

As the Skip bought a round of drinks for his team the scores were totted up and after a lot of persuasion Peter finally conceded that unless you are on Pointless then +19 is better than +17 thus making Skip and the Kid top pair by 2 games - fully justifying the pairings.

Of course the beaten pair took the blow manfully, holding back the tears until one of them was renamed "Dorothy" because of his red shoes. What followed was not a pretty sight.

As this was going on Vince helped out by doing the hoovering. First he hoovered the last of the sandwiches and then he hoovered up the last of the apple pies. The one thing he didn't get the chance to clean up was the donuts. With a choice of lemon or custard one of the team couldn't quite decide which he liked best and after polishing off several of each decided he would like more before making his final decision. Alas he had eaten the lot - take a bow "Donut" Dennis.

with 4 wins and 2 losses - a very good season for the boys.


Ladies I home v Cullercoats II 17th July 2018

Lisa & Lyndsey      Jayne & Silvia    Claire & Susie

Cullercoats won by 10 sets to 7 ( 1 set incomplete ) and 74 games to 74

A tough loss to take for our ladies as they suffered a fourth loss on the spin against a very good Cullercoats team.

With Amy still suffering with the back injury which forced her off court in the last match capt. Jayne paired up with Silvia to great effect as they powered their way to 6 sets in fine fashion with the loss of only 10 games.

Susie & Claire took the other set against the away top couple and came close in all but 2 of the other 5 in a great effort.

Finally we come to Lisa & Lyndsey who were playing as number one pair but just couldn't get over the line for a set. They have been a model of consistency all season and they could play a lot worse and win 6 sets. All of the Cullercoats pairs saved their best tennis for the sets against Lisa & Lyndsey, getting everything back with interest, volleying brilliantly and finding an answer to whatever they tried. Having lost 2 tight tiebreaks and 2 very close sets of the 5 they completed our brave pair were understandably frustrated at the end of the night but i'm sure once they get back to knocking some of our men off court on a wed. night they will feel a whole lot better. 

A great effort all round ladies  - now go and win at David Lloyd next week


Vets Mens III away v Durham Moor I 15th July 2018

David & Joe           Dennis & John

Durham Moor won by 6 - 2 and 43 games to 32

Without capt. Vince, who is busy working his way through the A to Z of medical complaints ( he is now up to S for Sciatica ) and his partner Tony sitting this one out it was left to the above named to take up the challenge. This they did, with admirable effort, but fell well short in the end as once again old adversary Fred proved the big difference. David and Joe were our top couple taking 2 sets 

Vets Ladies II home v David Lloyd S/Land IV 10th July 2018

Yvonne & Michelle        Angela & Kath J

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3  and 40 games to 32

A fine performance from our ladies saw them chalk up their third win a row and with two tough away matches still to come promotion is still possible - keep it going ladies.

Angela & Kath took a crucial set on a tie-break to ease the need for a game count-back but stars on the day were undoubtedly Yvonne & Michelle who only conceded 8 games in winning all 4 sets. A brilliant effort.

Mixed Vets III home v Ponteland II 8th July 2018

Angela & Joe          Joan & John

Shotley won by 6 - 2  and 41 games to 36

Capt. Tony shuffled his pack and brought in "the Dilleys"  to keep the Mr. & Mrs theme running.

Fresh back from warm weather training in Portugal they still managed 2 tight sets and it was especially nice to see the Mr half back on court.

Top pair were "the Pages" who had Angela in fine form again to carry the pair to 4 great sets.

Well done ladies and you boys keep practicing.

Ladies I home v Beverley Park I 5th July 2018

Amy & Silvia        Lisa & Lyndsey     Susie & Jackie

B. Park won by 12 sets to 6 and 89 games to 60

without inspirational capt. Jayne, who was guest rider on the Wall of Death at the Hoppings for the week, our first ladies struggled against a strong B.Park and went down fighting for a second loss in a week.

Top couple on the night were Lisa & Lyndsey with 3 sets, Amy & Silvia took 2 and Susie & Jackie got their reward taking a tie-break. 


Mixed Vets III home v Rothbury 5th July 2018

Michelle & Keith         Yvonne & Tony ( capt. )

Shotley won by 7 sets to 1  45 games to 20

A comfortable home win for our third string mixed vets with Mrs & Mr Pensom claiming all 4 sets to earn bragging rights over Michelle & Keith who dropped the only set.

Has anyone else noticed how lucky Tony is with the partners he has, whether it's mens, vets or mixed they all seem to raise their game to carry him to victory.

S & D Ladies II away v Wylam 4th July 2018

Jan & Jackie           Yvonne & Lily

Wylam won by 5 sets to 3 and 42 games to 38

A tough loss to take as the last fixture for this team saw them lose to Wylam.

Jan, continuing her fine form, & Jackie  took our three sets . Yvonne & Lily were most unlucky not to be rewarded with at least a halve in each round losing all their four sets by the narrowest of margins. Unlucky ladies but no one can doubt your fighting spirit and committment.

Ladies I home v Durham Archery I 28th June 2018

Jayne & Amy       Lisa & Lindsey    Susie & Silvia

Durham Archery won by 11 - 6  and 88 games to 55  with one set incomplete

After a cracking start to the season only 3 days previously our ladies came unstuck against a very handy Durham Archery team led by our former coach Christine. Again number one pair Jayne & Amy were top couple with 4 sets while Lisa & Lindsey won 2. Our very own SaS pair of Silvia & Susie, although battling bravely just couldn't quite manage a set.

Mens II away v Jesmond II 27th June 2018

Steven & Darren   Alex & Phillip    Philip & Peter

Shotley win by 18 sets to 0 and 108 games to 0

Shotley were handed the game by Jesmond who said they were unable to field a team ( or perhaps they were unable to field their best team ) which puts the boys firmly into top spot in the table with just one away match at Blaydon to come Steven's team have the title in their own hands.

Captain Steven thought the walkover score was a good indication of how the match would have gone if it had been played and is confident going into the final match.

Good luck at Blaydon

Mens III away v Gosforth IV 26th June 2018

Tony & Vince     David (skip) & Chris     Jonny & Peter

Shotley won by 12 sets to 6 and 92 games to 74

Another win for a somewhat re-jigged third team with Tony & Vince just pipping David & Chris to top pair by way of fewer games conceded as both pairs took all 6 sets. Stars on the night were Tony for carrying his lacklustre partner for most of the night and Chris "Kid" Nichol who was outstanding in most aspects of his game but especially his phenomenal court coverage as he chased down apparent lost causes and turned them into winning points.

Third pair in the team was "Pistol" Jonny, easing his way back after injury and Peter who stepped up from the fourth team for his first taste at this level. The pair performed well in patches and were unlucky not to come away with at least two sets.

That's 3 wins and two losses for Skip David's boys and with an away match at local rivals Blaydon to come it looks to have been a good year for Volunteer of the Year and his motley crew.

Mixed Vets III at home v Blaydon III 21st June 2018

Angela & Joe         Yvonne & Tony (capt.)

Shotley won by 6 sets to 2 and 43 games to 33

Shotley fielded a real Mr & Mrs team in the local derby against Blaydon and as you might expect it was the ladies who starred in a sparkling win with each pair taking 3 sets.

After a shaky start, where the men seemed to think they were in a one man team, the ladies as is their way, put them straight to the fact it was a doubles match and all went smoothly from thereon in.

Well played ladies.

Mens III away to Boldon III Wed. 20th June 2018

Vince & Tony          David (Skip) & Dennis       Andrew & Chris

Boldon won by 11 sets to 5 and 73 games to 59

A fine display of battling tennis wasn't enough for our boys as Boldon came out comfortable winners in a much closer match than the score would suggest.

Yet again Vince & Tony were top couple as they won 3 of their 5 completed sets, two of which were against the Boldon top pairing. They are the longest established pairing in the club and look set to be together forever. 

With holidays and injury hampering team selection Skip David issued a cry for help and the call was answered by fourth team captain Andrew and new club member Chris "Kid " Nichol. The pair played together for the first time, with the Kid playing his first match after a six year break from the game. Although they failed to win a set they fought for every point and i can see this baby faced assassin ( no, not you Andrew ) moving up to higher teams as he gets more time on court. A brave effort lads and well down.

Last but by no means least Skip David paired himself with Tennis Dennis and they performed heroically to win 2 sets at a canter, losing the other 3 by a whisker. The Skip couldn't wait to get home to see Michelle and tell her about it.

With 2 wins and 2 losses so far the team should stay put in this league for next season but will of course be going all out for wins in the last 2 fixtures.

Mens Vets III at home to Beverley Park Tue 19th June 2018

David & Joe        Vince (capt.) & Tony

Shotley won by 7 sets to 1 and 46 games to 25

With an awful lot of pre-match talk the relatively young pair of David & Joe were installed as first couple on another drizzly night in Shotley. They managed to walk the walk in the first round, easily beating the opposing second pair, but were well and truly found out in the second round as they scraped a half.

Meanwhile, the real deal top couple of Tony and Vince went quietly about the business of taking all four sets, proving yet again that there's a lot more tennis left in those old dogs.

A sad case of a pair whose mouths wrote cheques their tennis ability couldn't cash.

They will of course be given a shot at redemption in future fixtures.