Vets Mens I away v Durham Archery I 9th Sept 2018

Ian & Stephen Colin & Peter

Durham Archery won by 7 sets to 1 and by 49 games to 34

A strong Archery team containing most of the usual suspects were far too good for a still depleted Shotley side who still put up a real fight.

Ian, just back from the U.S. Open and raring to put what he had seen into practice, was paired with Stephen as our top pair. They played some fine tennis and took Shotley’s only set but were unlucky in the other three losing 7-6, 6-4, 7-5 where the scores could easily have been in their favour. Ian was the driving force with his all action game while Stephen managed to find new ways to mess up his ball toss.

Our second couple were playing up from the second team and Colin & Peter battled bravely but lost all four sets ( three by only a single service break ) Colin was his usual solid self while Peter took the prize for outfit of the day, sporting a top normally seen only on Lollipop Ladies outside junior schools. Pity it didn’t come with brightness control.

With only Blaydon to play away the team need the proverbial miracle to avoid relegation.