Mens Vets II home v Collingwood I 11th Sept 2018

Colin & Stephen Peter F & Peter T

Collingwood won by 5 sets to 3 and by 39 games to 31

Without injured skipper Keith Shotley still fielded a strong side on paper against a useful Collingwood outfit. Alas that strength never got off the paper as our boys, after tying the first round 2 sets all, lost three of the second round sets in a sometimes tame effort.

Top pair were Stephen & Colin with two sets in the first round but in the second they looked like they had never met let alone played umpteen matches together as they collapsed 2-6, 0-6

The two Peters fared no better with one looking like he was still on holiday and the other looking like he had started his 24hrs early. They still managed a set on a bad night all round.