Vets Ladies II away v Durham Archery IV 26th Aug 2018

Jan & Joan           Kath (capt.) & Michelle

Shotley won by 6 sets to 2 and by 44 games to 18

Another barnstorming performance from Kath and her team saw them power their way past Durham Archery and cement their place at the top of the table. With only an away match at winless Blaydon to come Shotley are now hot favourites to win their league.

First pair Jan & Joan were as solid as ever, despite Joan making an all too rare league appearance, winning 3 sets at ease.

Best performance came from Captain Kath and The Lanchester Lioness Michelle who lost a tight set 6-4 against the Archery first pair before rattling off 0-6, 0-6, 1-6 sets to top a sparkling display.

All eyes are now on Sun 9th Sept at 1:30pm at Blaydon - good luck ladies

Vets Mens II home v Stocksfield I 23rd Aug 2018

Colin & Stephen           Joe & Keith (capt.)

Stocksfield won by 4 sets to 4 and by 39 games to 32

A very solid Stocksfield team full of familiar faces finally saw off a brave Shotley by taking the final set of the night to draw 4-4 in sets but sneak victory by 7 games.

Top couple for Shotley were first pairing of Colin & Stephen whose only loss was in that fateful final set. Stephen, looking every lb like the player who has had 4 tennis suppers in the last week, has now been involved in six 4-4 games so far this Vets season ( won 2, lost 4 ) surely some sort of record. Partner Colin sporting his new "Ivan Lendl go-faster haircut" once again demonstrated his full array of ball tosses along with his usual panache for volleying. They can consider themselves unlucky to be on the losing side, although Colin is surely due a refund from his barber.

Skipper Keith drafted in the enigma that is Joe and they battled all night, finally getting some reward for their efforts by taking their last set 6-4. It was good to see Joe, after spending 4 days in a Swiss Clinic, back from being a broad with the crown jewels now apparently fully restored to their magnificent best.

Ladies Vets I home v Durham Archery 23rd Aug 2018

Silvia & Lisa (capt.)       Jackie & Susie

Shotley won by 7 sets to 1 and by 44 games to 23

Shotley cruised to a third win a row to keep up their 100% record, sweeping aside a useful Archery team who were no match on the night.

Captain Lisa and partner Silvia led from the front taking all four sets and playing some splendid tennis in the process.

Second pair Susie & Jackie took 3 sets, dropping one against the Archery first pair. Susie showing her formidable interception skills while Jackie, by her own admission, continues to frustrate herself by making the hard shots but missing the easy ones. A bit like myself Jackie only i miss both.

A feast of a supper followed and talk inevitably turned to the possibly of promotion but with 3 tough games remaining it's a case of one match at a time.

Another great team performance - well done ladies.

Vets Mens II away v Ponteland I Tue 21st Aug 2018

Stephen & Tony          Keith (capt.) & Peter

Ponteland won by 6 sets to 2 and by 46 games to 35

Skipper Keith, dazzled by the footwear, brought in Dorothy to play up in a crucial match for his team and his decision was vindicated as along with partner Stephen they halved both rounds taking two 6-4 sets and losing two tiebreak sets. Alas the captain and his partner Peter couldn't match their efforts as they lost all four sets, taking only 11 games in a disappointing performance.

Top pair, by a country mile, were Stephen & Tony who with a bit of luck could well have won all four sets.

Vets Mixed I away v Durham Archery I Sun. 19th Aug 2018

Jackie & Stephen           Michelle & Paul

Durham Archery won by 6 sets to 2 and by 46 games to 23

With holidays, injury and a whole host of excuses preventing Shotley fielding anywhere near it's strongest team it was left to Jackie, Stephen, Paul & Michelle to attempt mission impossible.

Both couples were outclassed by the Durham pairing of our former coach Christine and that wily old fox Gordon but both took the second pairing all the way as they both halved in some tremendously close sets.

A tremendous effort on the night and a huge thank you to the four of you from the club.

Vets Men III home v Corbridge I 16th Aug 2018

Joe & David        Vince (capt.) & Dennis

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3 and by 39 games to 30

With two of the fab four floodlight team on court to showcase their hard work Shotley saw off a Corbridge side who were lying second only to Morpeth in the table.

The first round saw the new pairing of Dennis & Vince take two comfortable sets against the Corbridge second string while Joe & David were having an almighty tussle with the Corbridge top couple. The first set looked to be heading for a tiebreak until our boys sneaked it 7-5 despite Joe taking more than one hit for the team, one to the body and one to the crown jewels. The latter left him down but not out and eligible for ladies vets from now on. Perhaps the blows took their toll as our heroes lost the second set 6-2 to put Shotley 3-1 after round one.

The second round saw Dennis & Vince produce their best tennis of the night - alas it wasn't quite good enough as they went down 4-6, 2-6. Meanwhile David & Josephine were romping away with their two sets only conceding 1 game in blowing the opposition off court in a masterclass of doubles tennis. 

Top pair on the night were Shotley's answer to Hinge & Bracket with 3 sets but Dennis & Vince are giving them 29yrs and when age is factored in perhaps honours were even.

Well played team.

The new lights were a hit with both teams and they are far superior to any club in the league and will be yet another fantastic addition to our facilities.

The skipper rang the Page household this morning to enquire as to the health of the injured only to hear a recorded message from Angela saying Joe couldn't come to the phone as he's now a broad.

Over 55's Mens Vets away v Northumberland 14th Aug 2018

Tony (capt.) & Vince            Peter & Paul

Shotley won by 6 sets to 2 and 46 games to 35

On a warm and often wet night Shotley shone as brightly as their new floodlights to put on a tennis extravaganza to win a hard fought marathon of a match which lasted 3 and a half hours against a stubborn home team.

With the skipper back from his tour of the colonies his partnership with "Sicknote" Vince was back on court again as first pair. They didn't disappoint as they raced through the first set 6-0 before edging a close 2nd set 7-5 against the home team's first pair. The second round proved a lot tougher for them as they took a first set tiebreak 7-2 before going down 6-4 in the final set against old adversaries Bill & Simon. Looking more like their old selves the pair were back to doing what they do best - chasing everything down and making the opposition play one more shot.

Second pair on the night but certainly not second best were Peter & Paul who were on court together for the first time and played so well it had the opposition shaking their heads in disbelief at some of the tennis they produced. They took their first set 6-4 before edging an exciting tiebreak to put Shotley 4-0 up after the first round. As with Tony & Vince they won the first set in the second round and lost the second as tiredness took hold - it was 10:pm

Top couple on the night were Tony & Vince by just 3 games but best performance must go to Paul "The Wall" and his partner Peter (who not only found his own way there but has already made his excuses for not being able to attend the next working party a good 6 months before the date is announced.)

A great result and a performance to match.



Vets Mens I home v Northumberland I 14th Aug 2018

Ian & Stephen          Darren & Kevin

Northumberland won by 6 sets to 2 and 46 games to 27

With 3 regulars missing Stephen, Darren & Kevin stepped up to the challenge of taking on one of the best teams in the league and although they went down 6-2 they certainly gave the opposition a game.

Top pair for the home side were Ian & Stephen who took 2 sets from the Northumberland second pair while the new pairing of Darren & Kevin gave it their best shot but couldn't manage a set.

A brave effort boys, well done

Mixed Vets II away v Gosforth II 12th Aug 2018

Angela & Joe                Jackie & Steven (capt)

Gosforth won by 4 sets to 4 and by 44 games to 40

Another 4 - 4 set score saw Shotley lose by 4 games in another epic battle which saw the team involved their 4th tied sets match out of five played. They have now won 2 and lost 2 on games.

Another fine performance from Angela and Joe brought only one set in a tiebreak as Jackie and Steven starred on the day taking 3 sets, only losing the other by a single service break.

Mixed Vets I home v Northumberland I 2nd Aug 2018

Lisa & Phil    Jan & Colin

Northumberland won by 7 sets to 1 and 46 games to 27

The 7-1 scoreline was a poor return for a fine display by our Mixed Vets I team. they played some tremendous tennis but came up against a very strong Northumberland team.

Lisa & Phil took the one set and lost two really close ones while Jan & Colin took the opposition top pair all the way before falling 4-6, 4-6 They could play a lot worse and win all four sets against most opposition.

Mixed Vets II away v Gosforth Garden Village 1st July 2018

Jackie & Steven           Angela & Joe

Shotley won 4 sets all but by 41 games to 35

A third 4-4 all result in a row saw Shotley edge it by 6 games  with Steven & Jackie taking a single set but losing 3 very close others. Top couple on the day were the Mrs & Mr duo of Angela & Joe who took a tremendous 3 sets to see Shotley home by the narrowest of margins.

Mixed Vets II home v Cullercoats II 26th June 2018

Silvia & Steven (capt.)            Jan & Peter

Cullercoats won by 4 sets to 4 and by 44 games to 35

A second 4-4 sets each result for our mixed second team but this time they lost on the game count by 9 games.

Silvia & Steven surprisingly only took one set , a tiebreak, while the stars on the day were Jan & Peter who took a magnificent 3 sets only dropping the one set against the opposition top pair.

Vets Men II home v South Shields I 7th Aug 2018

Colin & Stephen       Keith (capt) & Joe.

Shotley won by 8 sets to 0 and by 48 games to 7

With skipper Keith back in the line up and Joe playing up from the third team our boys demolished a South Shields team with the loss of only 7 games in a fantastic show of sustained brilliance.

Top couple on the night, by 3 games were Colin & Stephen who are proving to be a very difficult pair to beat but right on their heels in terms of performance were Keith & Joe.

Possibly the best team performance of the season.

Vets Men II away v Durham Archery II 2nd May 2018

Colin & Stephen       Peter T & Peter F

D. Archery won by 4 sets to 4 and by 40 games to 39

Skipper Keith surprisingly left himself out of his team's first fixture of the season as Shotley went down by the narrowest of margins - 1 game in a hard fought and close contest.

Top pair were Colin & Stephen with 3 sets while the two Peters took a tiebreak set and lost 3 others by a single service break.

Vets Ladies I away v Jesmond II 9th Aug 2018

Silvia & Lisa ( capt )          Jackie & Susie

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3 and by 43 games 31

A second win in four days saw Lisa and her ladies keep up their 100% record in the league.

Top couple on the night were Silvia & Lisa who won 3 sets, only losing a tiebreak set, while Susie & Jackie did great work to take two comfortable sets against the Jesmond second pair.

Keep up the good work ladies.

Ladies I away v David Lloyd Newcastle I 26th July 2018

Lyndsey & Lisa      Silvia & Jayne       Susie & Angela

David lloyd won by 10 sets to 8 and by 74 games to 67

A hard fought battle saw Shotley lose a game they could well of won by 10 sets to 8 to end the season with just one victory to show for some often scintillating and always hard fought displays. Injuries and absences took their toll but they managed to preserve their current league status and live to fight another season. 

Top couple on the night by a mere 2 games were Silvia & Jayne who just pipped Lisa & Lyndsey as they won  4 sets apiece. Angela stepped up to play third pair with Susie and while they fought well they couldn't quite manage to take a set.


Vets Mens III home v Blaydon II 9th Aug. 2018

David & Joe       Vince (capt.) & John

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3 and 41 games to 32

With alleged star man Dorothy still completing his tour of the third world and Donut Dennis off on a photoshoot for an ex firemen version of "Calendar Girls" - i believe he is "Mr. November" skipper Vince made a brave decision. He chose the only four available to him, keeping Joe and David as top couple and renewing his own long gone partnership with John.

On a perfect night for tennis, apart from racquet hitting ball, the only other sound came from the gentle whispers of "watch" and "Gordon Bennett" drifting across from the court housing our first pair.

Joe and David fully lived up to top couple billing winning three sets but the real heroes of the night were second pair John & Vince, who won two tremendous sets to seal victory for the home side.

"Sicknote" Vince rose from the treatment table to limp his way through four sets when lesser men would have been bedridden while John, suffering from a life threatening industrial injury showed what a brave soldier he is by playing his best tennis of the season to carry the team to a great win over local rivals Blaydon. 

Well done men and Joe.


Vets Ladies I home v Boldon II 6th Aug 2018

Lisa (capt.) & Silvia        Jackie & Susie

Captain Lisa and her ladies got off to a flying start in their C division fixtures with a comprehensive demolition of a stubborn Boldon side.

Top couple on the night were our number one pair of Silvia & Lisa who took two tough 7-5 sets in round one before coasting to two easy second round sets. Silvia again showing that Sat. coaching is paying huge dividends for her while Lisa displayed an all round game that even put her home grown tomatoes in the shade.

Jackie and Susie showed real grit to come away with all 4 sets which included a fantastic tiebreak which had the crowd of me on it's feet applauding.

Well played ladies.

Mixed Vets II home v Boldon III 5th Aug 2018

Silvia & Colin      Jackie & Stephen (capt.)

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3 and 43 games to 33

Skipper Stephen's team finally broke a three match run of 4-4 draws to win by 5 sets to 3 in an entertaining match on a sunny Sunday morning.

Named as number one pair Silvia, having a fantastic run of form, and Colin showing why Tynedale were happy to let him play for us settled well together but only managed to halve each round. This left the way for Jackie & Stephen to claim bragging rights as they only dropped a tiebreak set playing some excellent tennis along the way.