Club Management

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Shotley & Benfieldside Tennis Club is a private members club with a strong sense of commitment to and involvement with our local community.

The Club’s goal is to promote the sport of tennis and encourage community participation in tennis, and to build and maintain a strong relationship with the local community and provide access to the Club’s facilities for the benefit of the community.

The day-to-day running of the Club is managed by a Committee of volunteer members who are drawn from all sections of the community and who bring a wide range of skills to the Club.

The Club Annual General Meeting is held in March and is an opportunity for the Committee to report to members on performance over the past year and for members to contribute their own thoughts and ideas on the Club’s future direction.  The AGM Agenda includes the election or re-election of Committee members for the coming year. 

Members of the Committee will usually take responsibility for a particular aspect of the Club's operation. Currently the Committee comprises: 


TREASURER                            Phillip Nevin

CLUB CAPTAIN/COACH          Sam Stokoe

MAINTENANCE                       David Graham

FUNDRAISING/EVENTS          Janet Atkinson

JUNIOR ORGANISER              Andrew Rudge

SOCIAL                                   John Dilley


MATCH SECRETARY               Jonathan Severs

BAR MANAGER                       Geoff Telford

COMMITTEE MEMBERS          Shannon Nicholson, Connor Atess

JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES   Lily Mathison, Oran Kurowski

Janet Atkinson is also our Club’s official Welfare Officer, responsible for the care and safeguarding of all children and vulnerable people who use our facilities. She is always available should any member or visitor have any concerns they may wish to share. Contact Janet on 07908 048340.

This group of elected officials meet on a regular basis to discuss the running of the Club.

The agenda and the minutes of these meetings are available for all members to inspect and all members are encouraged to become involved in the running of the Club. 

The Club has a full Constitution in accordance with the requirements and guidance of the LTA. Click here for a copy