Mens II away to Ponteland II 15th May 2018

Steven (capt.) & Darren          The Reverend & Alex           Joe & Phil                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After a comfortable 12 - 6 home win to start the season new captain Steven ( along with sleeping co - captain Alex ) took the fight to Ponteland in their first away match.  A tremendous battle ensued with The Reverend & Alex, having lost a tie break in the first set needing to get 2 games in the final set of the night to secure victory by one game. With the rest of the two teams watching on they did just that to triumph 9 - 9 in sets but by 69 games to 68. If they were the heroes of the hour then close behind them came Steven & Darren who topped the night with 4 sets. Alas the story almost had two pantomime villains, who having disposed of their opposite pair by 6 - 2, 6 - 1 then proceeded to lose the next four sets by 6 -0, 6 - 0, 6- 0, 6 - 0  unheard of in my 28yrs at the club. I won't name them, one to protect his wife Angela and the other to protect his son Jake and his dad Vince but i hear they are to open a donut & bagel shop.                                                                                                                            This acount of the match was brought to you straight from the horse's mouth - his name is Michael. 

 The win keeps the team on track for a possible promotion - try and catch a home game if you can as they are playing some of the best tennis at the club.