Mens II Home to David Lloyd Ncle III. Thursday 31st May 2018

Alex(captain) & Darren   Joe & Philip    Peter & David

Zeros to Heroes, Donuts to Dynamite, Bagels to Brilliant - after questions were asked about their performance last week The Bagel Boys ( Joe & Philip ) bounced back to answer the critic with the lead role in a 17 - 1 emphatic win over a brave but battered David Lloyd Newcastle third string.            

With captain Steven confined to his sickbed the armband went to Alex, who with the Reverend away in Edinburgh, paired up with Darren to play as number one couple. Third pair was made up of Peter, making his season debut and David playing up from his usual berth as Men’s III captain.

The first round went well until Alex and Darren suffered an inexplicable lapse to lose their second set 4 - 6 and although they won the next 4 sets comfortably they ended the night as bottom pair with The Bagel Boys taking top spot from Peter and David by a single game.

So a 17 - 1  , 106 games to 42 victory keeps the team on track for the desired promotion but gives captain Steven some tricky selection problems. Does he bring himself back, will the Reverend’s prays be answered with a recall, will this weeks heroes be moved up to number one pair or will some pairs be split. Watch this space or even better come along and support them.