Mens III home v Stocksfield III 7th June 2018

Tony & Vince     David (skipper) & Pistol Jonny     Ian & Dennis                                                            A  glorious night for tennis saw a few lucky spectators treated to another fine performance from Skip David and his team as our boys took the match 12-5 ( with one set ended by the time cut-off at 4-1 )  and 85 games to 64.  Taking up where they left off in the first game Tony & Vince kept up their 100% set record winning all 5 of their completed sets, including 2 tie breaks. Again David & Jonny managed 4 sets with yet another new pairing saw Ian & Dennis take their last 3 sets after a somewhat nervy start.

Next match is Mon 11th June away to N/Land VI but with Dennis and John unavailable and Ian under the surgeon's knife  the Skip will have to draft in a 4th teamer to play up with Peter who will be getting his first run out in the team.