Vets Mens III home v Blaydon II 9th Aug. 2018

David & Joe       Vince (capt.) & John

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3 and 41 games to 32

With alleged star man Dorothy still completing his tour of the third world and Donut Dennis off on a photoshoot for an ex firemen version of "Calendar Girls" - i believe he is "Mr. November" skipper Vince made a brave decision. He chose the only four available to him, keeping Joe and David as top couple and renewing his own long gone partnership with John.

On a perfect night for tennis, apart from racquet hitting ball, the only other sound came from the gentle whispers of "watch" and "Gordon Bennett" drifting across from the court housing our first pair.

Joe and David fully lived up to top couple billing winning three sets but the real heroes of the night were second pair John & Vince, who won two tremendous sets to seal victory for the home side.

"Sicknote" Vince rose from the treatment table to limp his way through four sets when lesser men would have been bedridden while John, suffering from a life threatening industrial injury showed what a brave soldier he is by playing his best tennis of the season to carry the team to a great win over local rivals Blaydon. 

Well done men and Joe.