Vets Men III home v Corbridge I 16th Aug 2018

Joe & David        Vince (capt.) & Dennis

Shotley won by 5 sets to 3 and by 39 games to 30

With two of the fab four floodlight team on court to showcase their hard work Shotley saw off a Corbridge side who were lying second only to Morpeth in the table.

The first round saw the new pairing of Dennis & Vince take two comfortable sets against the Corbridge second string while Joe & David were having an almighty tussle with the Corbridge top couple. The first set looked to be heading for a tiebreak until our boys sneaked it 7-5 despite Joe taking more than one hit for the team, one to the body and one to the crown jewels. The latter left him down but not out and eligible for ladies vets from now on. Perhaps the blows took their toll as our heroes lost the second set 6-2 to put Shotley 3-1 after round one.

The second round saw Dennis & Vince produce their best tennis of the night - alas it wasn't quite good enough as they went down 4-6, 2-6. Meanwhile David & Josephine were romping away with their two sets only conceding 1 game in blowing the opposition off court in a masterclass of doubles tennis. 

Top pair on the night were Shotley's answer to Hinge & Bracket with 3 sets but Dennis & Vince are giving them 29yrs and when age is factored in perhaps honours were even.

Well played team.

The new lights were a hit with both teams and they are far superior to any club in the league and will be yet another fantastic addition to our facilities.

The skipper rang the Page household this morning to enquire as to the health of the injured only to hear a recorded message from Angela saying Joe couldn't come to the phone as he's now a broad.