Vets Mens II home v Stocksfield I 23rd Aug 2018

Colin & Stephen           Joe & Keith (capt.)

Stocksfield won by 4 sets to 4 and by 39 games to 32

A very solid Stocksfield team full of familiar faces finally saw off a brave Shotley by taking the final set of the night to draw 4-4 in sets but sneak victory by 7 games.

Top couple for Shotley were first pairing of Colin & Stephen whose only loss was in that fateful final set. Stephen, looking every lb like the player who has had 4 tennis suppers in the last week, has now been involved in six 4-4 games so far this Vets season ( won 2, lost 4 ) surely some sort of record. Partner Colin sporting his new "Ivan Lendl go-faster haircut" once again demonstrated his full array of ball tosses along with his usual panache for volleying. They can consider themselves unlucky to be on the losing side, although Colin is surely due a refund from his barber.

Skipper Keith drafted in the enigma that is Joe and they battled all night, finally getting some reward for their efforts by taking their last set 6-4. It was good to see Joe, after spending 4 days in a Swiss Clinic, back from being a broad with the crown jewels now apparently fully restored to their magnificent best.