The Big Day is here at last

Yes, it's finally arrived. The day we have been looking forward to for so long.

I am talking about our Mens II team and their last home fixture tonight against Boldon II.

Give the England game a miss and come along and support the boys in their effort to continue on the winning streak.

Captain Steven is keeping his selection under wraps and won't announce the pairings until just before the start as he ponders life without the Mighty Joe. Will he put the tried and failed pairing of the two Phils back together after a long break. Will he have Darren back as his partner or will that set Darren & Alex lost in the last match  see them paired up again for redemption. Maybe the biggest question surrounds Peter and will the puzzle of does he or doesn't he be answered tonight. The Reverend's prayers have been answered and he is a certain starter - but who will be lucky enough to avoid him as a partner.

All will be revealed tonight at 6:30pm  -  be there or be square.