Ladies Vets II away to Riding Mill Sun. 17th June 2018

Kath S (capt.) & Jan          Yvonne & Kath J

With an away win at N/Land and a w/over against Blyth Ridley a confident Shotley team set off with high hopes of continuing their winning ways at Riding Mill and the home side's fete was sealed as our top pair of Kath and a reinvigourated Jan lost only 4 games in taking all four sets.

The second pair of Kath J & Yvonne shrugged off any tiredness from a tough match only 3 days previously to beat Riding Mill's first pair 7-5, 6-3 but couldn't keep it going as they conceded the final 2 sets of the day. 

Another good win for our Ladies and they can look forward to the next match with confidence.

Shotley won by 6 sets to 2 and 42 games to 24