Mens II home to Boldon Mon. 18th June 2018

Steven & Darren    Alex & Phillip N    Peter & Philip K

Shotley won by 16-2 and 106 games to 51

Captain Steven shuffled his talented pack as the Mighty Joe was rested for a vets match the next day allowing Peter to form a new pairing with Philip K

As England struggled to see off Tunisia at the World Cup the Mens II team had no such problem disposing of a resilient Boldon team on a drizzly night at Shotley.

On a night that saw Steven produce a career high double fault tally and Philip K hit the net more times than Ronaldo manages in a season the big news of the evening was Alex & The Reverend winning all six sets to claim bragging rights as top couple. This, despite the fact that the Reverend's pie had a lot more likes than his tennis, was still good enough as Alex, sporting a natty cap, showed that he is paying attention at the Sat. coaching and were easily the best pair on the night.

That's 4 wins out of 4 but with 2 tough away matches left promotion is by no means a certainty but is in their own hands.

I'm sure everyone joins me in wishing them well.