Mens Vets III at home to Beverley Park Tue 19th June 2018

David & Joe        Vince (capt.) & Tony

Shotley won by 7 sets to 1 and 46 games to 25

With an awful lot of pre-match talk the relatively young pair of David & Joe were installed as first couple on another drizzly night in Shotley. They managed to walk the walk in the first round, easily beating the opposing second pair, but were well and truly found out in the second round as they scraped a half.

Meanwhile, the real deal top couple of Tony and Vince went quietly about the business of taking all four sets, proving yet again that there's a lot more tennis left in those old dogs.

A sad case of a pair whose mouths wrote cheques their tennis ability couldn't cash.

They will of course be given a shot at redemption in future fixtures.